We like to manage each one of our businesses as if we will hold them indefinitely.

A technology company providing system solutions for power supply, specializing in standby or backup power and mobile power generation. Aiab delivers to military operations worldwide and are a partner to civil customers in critical infrastructure projects.

With a 30% holding we are the largest owner of Alligator Bioscience, the research-based biotechnology company developing antibody-based pharmaceuticals for cancer treatment. Alligator specializes in the development of tumour-directed immunotherapies, where the patient’s own immune system is activated to cure cancer. Located in Medicon Village, Lund, Sweden, Alligator is a public company, listed on the NASDAQ Nordic in Sweden.

Since 2002, we have been the lead investor in the Swedish biopharmaceutical company AnaMar. AnaMar is developing life-changing, breakthrough treatments for pathological fibrosis. A selected candidate drug has been successfully evaluated in phase 1 clinical human trials and is now on its way to phase 2. This small team is based in Medicon Village, Lund, Sweden.

We have been an investor in The Gadelius Group since 2006. A Japanese company with Swedish roots, Gadelius has been introducing new and innovative products to Japan, and new and innovative Japanese products to Europe for over 110 years. The group comprises of Gadelius Industry, Gadelius Medical and Gadelius Engineering and employs over 230 people throughout Japan.

Since 2013, we have been the lead investor in GovX, the eCommerce platform created for members of the US Military, Law Enforcement and First Responder communities and government employees. GovX is a closed-channel platform allowing brands to offer favourable pricing and build a deeper relationship with those who serve and protect, without disrupting other retail channels.

We first invested in INQO Investments in 2014 and today hold 18,25%. This social impact investment company operating in sub-Saharan Africa believes that enterprise is the best way to tackle poverty, by creating sustainable employment that empowers the poor and transforms communities. INQO Investments is listed on the London Aquis Stock Exchange.

An advanced manufacturing company of complex, mid-sized machined and welded structures, including machine frames, masts, booms and parts of exhaust systems for large semi-fuel engines.

We acquired JTK Power in 2013. Specialising in manufacturing complex steel solutions for the world’s leading companies in the marine and mining industries, the logistics sector, the power plant industry and the building sector, JTK has a solid footprint in Central and Northern Europe, as well as China.

We acquired Koncentra Pistons in 2016. The company designs, manufactures and markets large bore pistons for leading manufacturers of medium speed diesel and gas engines, applying proprietary state-of-the art R&D Technology to design piston structures, cooling systems, surface treatment and manufacturing processes.

Kolbenschmidt Large Bore is the world’s largest manufacturer of large bore pistons. Primarily serving ships, powerplants, locomotives and construction machine engines between 600 kW to 25000 kW, with bore sizes between 13cm up to 64cm. Approved for use by all OEM manufacturers of medium speed engines. We acquired the company in 2023.

We have been Malmstens Verkstad’s principal owner since 2010. The company is a subcontractor of large and heavy products within the area of CNC-machining, welding, robot-welding and assembly. The company has extensive experience in partnering with large industrial organizations in manufacturing both semi-finished and finished steel components for industrial use.

We have been the lead investor in Creston since 2015. Creston serves municipal and industrial customers with patented TPX chemistry, helping wastewater plants reduce biosolids disposal costs while improving operation efficiencies. In 2021 the company acquired Electrichor, a leading manufacturer of hypochlorite generation systems for ballast water treatment, municipal water disinfectant and process water biofouling.

We first invested in Oxymetal, Europe’s leader in industrial metal cutting, in 2012. In 2020 Oxymetal became a wholly owned subsidiary. With operations in France and Czech Republic, Oxymetal has an extremely diversified customer base, supplying the energy, aerospace, medical, automotive, railroad, construction and industrial machinery industries.

Zymbit is an innovator in secure, embedded computing solutions that protect sensitive IP, data and credentials in commercial, financial and industrial applications. In 2020, we led Zymbit’s Series A financing to fund the development of a growing pipeline of multi-million-dollar OEM projects.

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